Summer Prep and Savings Coupons

Thank you for your business! I was thinking last week as we finished a large project in Blacklick Ohio… There are so many people that are involved in our projects, and I want to let you know who you’re paying when you hire us. When you hire Jake’s Property Services, you are paying the salary of our employees, and this is how my family of 7 earns a living. My Aunt Dianne works in our office, and even my Dad (Bob) works here.

Also, think about where we purchase products… mulch, top soil and limestone suppliers, delivery drivers, sales reps for pavers or fence supplies or even the tree farm guys that planted the tree, dug the tree or delivered the tree to your home for Jake’s to plant… When you hire us to complete a project there are many moving pieces that may go unnoticed. Many families benefit from just one project we complete, not just the man working on the project, but the family he or she is providing for! Isn’t it amazing to think… that your project is providing a living for so many? We believe it is!
We all want to thank you for your business and look forward to working for you in the future!

Jake Warner



Spring Clean Up & Mulch, Planting & Install


Drainage, Trenching, Driveway Limestone &
Grading Work


Lawn treatment services


gravel driveways

Drainage, Trenching, Driveway Limestone &
Grading Work


FREE Bonus to Existing Clients
Jake’s referral program: Are you an existing client? If yes, email us prior to hiring a local service provider and we will email you a referral we have used in the past … Many of our providers offer a Jake’s referral discount as well.
JAKE’S Experienced Team
17 years of service with 23,000 projects completed!
Coupon for May 2017
 $45.00 off any service or 5% off new projects
(after estimate day of 5/15/17 up to $200.00 off)
JAKE’S Experienced Team
17 years of service with 23,000 projects completed!
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Receive a FREE medium cone
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Expires May 31, 2017


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