Lawn Seeding

Jake’s Property Services takes immense pride in its lawn seeding and ground preparation expertise, backed by a seasoned crew with years of experience in cultivating lush, green turf. Our approach to lawn seeding begins with precision ground preparation, where we employ state-of-the-art skid steer loaders equipped with specialized attachments like the Harley Rake and Rock Hound to meticulously fine grade the soil. This process ensures the removal of debris and rocks, creating an ideal canvas for your new lawn.

Once the ground is expertly prepped, we move forward by evenly spreading the seed using either a broad-cast spreader or a Brillion seeder, followed by the application of granular fertilizer. However, our commitment to a successful lawn doesn’t stop there. We take an additional step to protect and nurture the newly sown seeds by covering the ground with a thin layer of wheat straw. The straw serves multiple crucial purposes—it locks in essential moisture, provides shade for the emerging seeds, acts as a deterrent to birds that may attempt to feast on your freshly planted grass, and effectively mitigates erosion.

Post-application, our team conducts a thorough cleanup, leaving you with a well-prepped lawn ready for the next crucial phase: watering. Daily watering is paramount during the initial stages of grass growth and is pivotal in ensuring a vibrant and healthy lawn. It’s important to remember that the process of nurturing your grass from seed to the first mowing typically spans between 2 to 4 weeks.

One key tip we offer is to consider mowing and mulching the straw even before the turf reaches a height suitable for cutting. This practice encourages denser grass growth and redistributes the straw in cases where wind may have scattered it.

Furthermore, to maintain the long-term health and beauty of your lawn, we recommend a consistent fertilization schedule, with applications every 60 days during the first year, using our recommended granular fertilizer. We offer the convenience of handling these services for you, or you can choose to purchase the necessary products from us.

Looking ahead, the subsequent year marks an ideal time to initiate a weed treatment plan to safeguard your lawn’s health and appearance. At Jake’s Property Services, our commitment to your lawn’s success extends beyond the initial seeding process, and we are dedicated to providing comprehensive care and guidance throughout your lawn’s lifecycle.

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