Exclusive Early Access to Our New Barn-Dried Firewood!

As the chilly winds start to whistle and the winter season approaches, we at Jake’s Property Services are excited to announce a special offer for our friends!

Our firewood is stored and aged indoors, ensuring it’s consistently dry and ready to burn. Our wood is tested for moisture content, typically ranging from 18% to 28%.

We anticipate a high demand for our barn-dried firewood, and with our new system, we expect to sell out early this season. That’s why we wanted to reach out—to ensure you didn’t miss out.







Ready to secure your supply of premium, barn-dried firewood?

Simply click on the link below to place your order today and enjoy the warmth and comfort of our superior firewood all winter long.

If the seasoned firewood from last year sells out, please feel free to inquire about the current moisture content when making your purchase.

We are always here to assist you with any of your property service needs and look forward to helping you stay warm and comfortable this winter season.


Reach out to us at 740-587-3945 or drop us an email at jakespropertyservices@gmail.com to inquire about our weekly sales and available special discounts on orders of multiple cords or numerous 1/3 bag purchases.

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